Out in late September: the G-Shock “G’Mix” GBA400 Series
Casio announced today the release of the latest addition to the G-Shock line of shock-resistant watches. The G-Shock GBA400 watch offers a variety of ways to enjoy music by pairing with a smartphone, such as setting audio controls, adding live effects that simulate concert sound and identifying the names of songs from music playing nearby.

In 2012, Casio released a G-Shock watch that pairs to a smartphone using Bluetooth Smart technology, notifying the wearer of incoming calls or emails. Since then, Casio has released a variety of Bluetooth Smart enabled watches including a G-Shock watch that controls a music player and sports watches that display fitness data.
The new G-Shock GBA400 watch supports Bluetooth Smart connectivity and offers greatly enhanced features for enjoying music when paired with the G’MIX App, a new music app for smartphones that can control audio settings, add live effects that simulate concert sound and identify the names of songs from music playing nearby and then display the song title on the digital display of the G-Shock watch. Song identification can be triggered remotely by turning the rotary switch on the watch, without having to touch the smartphone. By operating the watch buttons, the user can trigger preset or customised tones on a paired smartphone—just one of the ways the watch enables users to play with sound and enjoy listening to and identifying music.