Featuring a titanium case, the new G-Shock GPW1000T commands a powerful presence with even less weight and receives both Global Positioning System (GPS) and radio wave time-calibration signals.
Starting in 2014, Casio has been creating new products based on its “Global Time Sync” development concept of offering analog watches for a global era. From G-Shock and Oceanus watches that receive GPS and radio wave time-calibration signals, to Edifice watches that can be linked with smartphones, Casio watches are gaining acclaim as advanced time keeping systems that deliver accurate time anywhere in the world.

The new GPW1000T expands the lineup of watches based on the “Global Time Sync” concept and is based on the GPW1000 watch that has the latest hybrid timekeeping system. The main parts, including the bezel and back of the case are made of lightweight, rust-resistant titanium, retaining the toughness and performance of a G-SHOCK watch while weighing approximately 10% less than the GPW-1000, yet maintaining the distinct feel of metal. The bezel is made from hard Ti64*1 alloy to resist stresses to this part of the watch, making for a rugged and scratch-resistant design.
* 1 Ti64 is a type of alloy made from 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium.
The GPW1000T will be released in early July 2015 and available from G-Shock Premium stockists.