Casio has released a new series in the G-Shock line of shock-resistant watches: The new G-Steel watches offer outstanding design flexibility thanks to the new "layer guard structure," which boasts a double-layer bezel combining resin and metal.

The newly released GSTS110 and GSTS100 watches feature different colours and materials in a single bezel for a new line-up characterised by accent colours and a three-dimensional feel. The GSTS110 has a bezel made of metal in the upper layer and resin in the lower layer. This delivers the hard beauty of metal while retaining the impact absorption of resin. Meanwhile, the bezel on the GSTS100 features shock-absorbent resin in an upper layer that is set in a lower layer of fine resin. This design highlights the tough look of resin. Each model is available in three different colour variations, allowing its wearers to enjoy different looks with the same tough construction.
Combining analogue and digital displays, the face design offers excellent functionality and readability. With a hand-concealment function that temporarily moves the hands out of the way with just a touch of the button, the LCD can be fully visible at all times. There are also double LED lights. One is found at the six o'clock position and illuminates the entire face, while the other is a backlight for the LCD. This ensures that all information is visible, even in the dark