G-Shock Introduces: The "New Colour" Series

Never ones to rest of their laurels, the designers at G-Shock have just announced that next month the G-Shock “New Colour” series will be landing in Australia. The new collection dress up the iconic DW6900 and G8900 series with some ballsy new combinations of wild colour. The faces of the DW6900 series are specially treated to make them look as if stars have been dropped all over your watch (in other words – a nice little 3D effect that’ll compliment high-tops and caps.

The high-gloss aluminum bezels of the G8900 series make them distinctive wrist wear items. The belt loops are made of semi-transparent materials. This and the various other materials that go into the construction of these models combine to contribute to a strong visual impact that’ll have the less fashion-forward crowd thinking, “WTF?” The truth is – this series isn’t for the feint-hearted who want to conform … if you’re a sheep … look elsewhere. This one’s for the risk-takers and the trend-setters!

The series will be arriving in the country in late July … we can already announce that Foot Locker Australia will be stocking these … standby for more stockists.
-G-Shock Australia HQ