Landing in Oz this month is the limited edition 30th Anniversary G-Shock x Baby-G set.

The his-and-hers G-Shock and Baby-G pair has been specially created to commemorate the 30-years of G-Shock.
Base models are the big case mechanical-look GA110 for the G-Shock and the similar-looking BA110 series for the Baby-G.

The white and gold-colour motifs of these models create a look that is bold and bright.
For the G-Shock, the number ‘30” on the dial at 9 o’clock is coloured bright red to identify the watch as a G-Shock 30th anniversary model.
In place of the usual G-Shock and Baby-G logos, the back covers of these models are stamped with three stars in commemoration of G-Shock’s 30th anniversary.