We’re pumped to give you the first glimpse of the upcoming G-Shock “G-Steel” series.
There’ll be 6 models in the range, which will be released in late July 2015.

The G-Steel watches are virtually the same size as an MT-G (MT-G is 53.3mm x 58.6mm with a thickness of 15.5mm). The G-Steel is 52.4mm x 59.00mm with a thickness of 16.2mm.
The main features include:
·         Layer-Guard Structure for Shock Absorption,
·         Twin LED Lights with Luminescent Index (Auto light)
·         Auto Hand Position Correct
·         Tough Solar
·         48-city time zones
The Price point will be roughly half the price of an MT-G.
As we always do – when we have more info we’ll let you know.