Casio will once again reinforce durability and toughness in timekeeping with the introduction of the new G-Shock Mudmaster.
Designed for defence against disasters, the Mudmaster GWG1000 series offers protection from mud, vibration, shock and other elements. Mud Resistance is made possible through a button guard structure utilising gaskets within the cylinders and button shafts, as well as a screw lock crown structure that also prevents mud and dust from entering the case. The use of Alpha Gel at the bottom and sides of the case also provides Vibration Resistance while washers where the band joins the case prevent the lug screws from coming loose.

In addition to its mud-resistant structure, the timepiece is equipped with Triple Sensor capabilities, allowing for reading of altitude/barometric pressure, temperature, and direction. Features showcasing toughness include Tough Movement, Smart Access Crown and G-Shock’s legendary Shock and 200m water resistance. Accuracy and visibility in usage under harsh conditions is showcased through Sapphire Glass, a unique Hand-Shift function, which moves the analogue hands out of the way of the digital display when using the timepiece’s features.
The Mudmaster watch arrives in three colour variations: original black, a bright yellow with black accents and military green with black accents.

The GWG1000 Series will retail for $999 and be available this month through selected G-Shock stockists.