The G-Shock Rangeman

G-Shock is honoured to present a new addition to the intrepid Master of G collection with the release of the GW9400 Rangeman. This military instrument is a trustworthy companion that both the professional soldier and adventurers of all stripes can rely upon in the field.

Taking its inspiration from heroes on the front lines and built for use under the most punishing conditions, Rangeman is a true performance watch employing Shock Resistant Triple Sensor technology that allows one to master the elements. Shock Resistant, Mud Resistant and equipped with a digital compass and sunrise/sunset data, Rangeman lets you master the Earth.
Being 200m Water Resistant and equipped to measure atmospheric pressure/temperature one can master the Sea. And to master the Air, Rangeman can measure altitude to within 1 meter increments at one second intervals.  All of these senso-based measurements are initiated from a single button press. This one-touch direct sensor button, constructed of metal, and having a textured surface, provides secure operation even in wet conditions. Additionally, Rangeman utilizes a Tough Solar Power system for unwavering reliability and Multi-band 6 Atomic Timekeeping which not only receives the same time/date stamp signals the US Government uses from the Fort Collins, Colorado station, but up to 5 other transmission stations worldwide, based on the wearer’s home city. Additional features include Time Stamp functionality to record up to 40 moments of significance when every second counts, 48-City World Time + UTC (universal coordinated time), 1000-hr stopwatch, 24-hr countdown timer, 12/24-hr time formats , and Full Auto LED Super Illuminator which activates the watch’s backlight with a simple flick of the wrist.
The powerful 3-D case design of the Rangeman suggests that these watches were chiseled from stone rather than cast from tough G-SHOCK urethane and the watch’s forged stainless steel caseback is a rugged design that is fitting for the military professional.

Available in time for Christmas in stealth black (GW9400-1) and army green (GW9400-3).