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Introducing winter 2017 models for the G-SHOCK G-LIDE lineup of sports watches that are a favourite choice among the world's top extreme sports athletes. These models are based on the compact GLS-5600, which boasts low temperature resistance and the ability to stand up to the severe conditions presented on snow-covered mountains or in the back country. The colouring and cloth band of the 5600 models makes it a masterpiece of tough, uncompromising G-SHOCK design. The band ring is made of strong stainless steel that stands up to use in the hardest environments and resists wear. The band on the 12 o'clock side is decorated witha patch that gives it the appearance of a flight jacket. Four different models provide a colour choice of black or white, or earth brown or khaki.



Key Features

  • Low temperature resistant (-20 degrees celcius)
  • Double stopwatch (each measures up to 1,000 hours in 1/100-second units




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